Class AttributeMessageInterpreter

All Implemented Interfaces:<String>

class AttributeMessageInterpreter extends Object implements<String>
Examines each element for child <ui:attr/> elements, and replaces the corresponding attributes of the examinee with references to the translatable messages created.

That is, when examining element foo in

   <foo bar="baz">
     <ui:attr name="baz">
cosume the ui:attr element, and declare a method on the Messages interface with @Default("baz")
  • Constructor Details

    • AttributeMessageInterpreter

      public AttributeMessageInterpreter( writer)
  • Method Details

    • interpretElement

      public String interpretElement( elem) throws UnableToCompleteException
      Description copied from interface:
      Given an XMLElement, return its filtered value.
      Specified by:
      interpretElement in interface<String>
      UnableToCompleteException - on error