Interface CellList.Style

All Superinterfaces:
CssResource, CssResourceBase, ResourcePrototype
Enclosing class:

@ImportedWithPrefix("gwt-CellList") public static interface CellList.Style extends CssResource
Styles used by this widget.
  • Field Details


      static final String DEFAULT_CSS
      The path to the default CSS styles used by this resource.
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  • Method Details

    • cellListEvenItem

      String cellListEvenItem()
      Applied to even items.
    • cellListKeyboardSelectedItem

      String cellListKeyboardSelectedItem()
      Applied to the keyboard selected item.
    • cellListOddItem

      String cellListOddItem()
      Applied to odd items.
    • cellListSelectedItem

      String cellListSelectedItem()
      Applied to selected items.
    • cellListWidget

      String cellListWidget()
      Applied to the widget.