Interface HasVerticalScrolling

All Known Subinterfaces:
HasScrolling, VerticalScrollbar
All Known Implementing Classes:
CustomScrollPanel, NativeVerticalScrollbar, ScrollPanel

public interface HasVerticalScrolling
Implemented by widgets that support vertical scrolling.
  • Method Details

    • getMaximumVerticalScrollPosition

      int getMaximumVerticalScrollPosition()
      Get the maximum position of vertical scrolling. This is usually the scrollHeight - clientHeight.
      the maximum vertical scroll position
    • getMinimumVerticalScrollPosition

      int getMinimumVerticalScrollPosition()
      Get the minimum position of vertical scrolling.
      the minimum vertical scroll position
    • getVerticalScrollPosition

      int getVerticalScrollPosition()
      Gets the vertical scroll position.
      the vertical scroll position, in pixels
    • setVerticalScrollPosition

      void setVerticalScrollPosition(int position)
      Sets the vertical scroll position.
      position - the new vertical scroll position, in pixels