Jakarta-specific package for server-only classes. To use these types, be sure to use the gwt-servlet-jakarta.jar.
GWT 2.11
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    An abstract base class containing utility methods.
    An abstract class for XSRF protected RPC service implementations, which decides if XSRF protection should be enforced on a method invocation based on the following logic: RPC interface or method can be annotated with either XsrfProtect or NoXsrfProtect annotation to enable or disable XSRF protection on all methods of an RPC interface or a single method correspondingly.
    The servlet base class for your RPC service implementations that automatically deserializes incoming requests from the client and serializes outgoing responses for client/server RPCs.
    Utility class for integrating with the RPC system.
    Utility class containing helper methods used by servlets that integrate with the RPC system.
    A simple and relatively naive client for downloading serialization policies from a URL.
    Destination for the loader's log messages.
    EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change.
    EXPERIMENTAL and subject to change.