Class ArgHandlerInt


public abstract class ArgHandlerInt extends ArgHandler
Argument handler for flags that take an integer as their parameter.
  • Constructor Details

    • ArgHandlerInt

      public ArgHandlerInt()
  • Method Details

    • handle

      public int handle(String[] args, int startIndex)
      Description copied from class: ArgHandler
      Attempts to process one flag or "extra" command-line argument (that appears without a flag).
      Specified by:
      handle in class ArgHandler
      args - the arguments passed in to main()
      startIndex - an index into args indicating the first argument to use. If this is a handler for a flag argument. Otherwise it's the index of the "extra" argument.
      the number of additional arguments consumed, not including the flag or extra argument. Alternately, returns -1 if the argument cannot be used. This will causes the program to abort and usage to be displayed.
    • isRequired

      public boolean isRequired()
      isRequired in class ArgHandler
    • setInt

      public abstract void setInt(int value)