Interface GroupRole

All Superinterfaces:
Role, SectionRole, StructureRole
All Known Subinterfaces:
ComboboxRole, ListboxRole, MenubarRole, MenuRole, RadiogroupRole, RowgroupRole, RowRole, SelectRole, ToolbarRole, TreegridRole, TreeRole
All Known Implementing Classes:
ComboboxRoleImpl, GroupRoleImpl, ListboxRoleImpl, MenubarRoleImpl, MenuRoleImpl, RadiogroupRoleImpl, RowgroupRoleImpl, RowRoleImpl, ToolbarRoleImpl, TreegridRoleImpl, TreeRoleImpl

public interface GroupRole extends SectionRole
A type that represents the group role in the ARIA specification.
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  • Method Details

    • getAriaActivedescendantProperty

      String getAriaActivedescendantProperty(Element element)
      Returns the value of the aria-activedescendant attribute for the element or "" if no such attribute is present.
    • removeAriaActivedescendantProperty

      void removeAriaActivedescendantProperty(Element element)
      Removes the aria-activedescendant attribute from the element.
    • setAriaActivedescendantProperty

      void setAriaActivedescendantProperty(Element element, Id value)
      Sets the aria-activedescendant attribute for the element to the given value.