Class DomEvent.Type<H extends EventHandler>

Type Parameters:
H - handler type
Enclosing class:
DomEvent<H extends EventHandler>

public static class DomEvent.Type<H extends EventHandler> extends GwtEvent.Type<H>
Type class used by dom event subclasses. Type is specialized for dom in order to carry information about the native event.
  • Constructor Details

    • Type

      public Type(String eventName, DomEvent<H> flyweight)
      This constructor allows dom event types to be triggered by the DomEvent.fireNativeEvent(, HasHandlers) method. It should only be used by implementors supporting new dom events.

      Any such dom event type must act as a flyweight around a native event object.

      eventName - the raw native event name
      flyweight - the instance that will be used as a flyweight to wrap a native event
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
      Gets the name associated with this event type.
      the name of this event type