Interface HasAllGestureHandlers

All Superinterfaces:
HasGestureChangeHandlers, HasGestureEndHandlers, HasGestureStartHandlers, HasHandlers
All Known Implementing Classes:
Anchor, Audio, Button, ButtonBase, Canvas, CheckBox, CustomButton, DialogBox.CaptionImpl, DoubleBox, FileUpload, FocusPanel, FocusWidget, HTML, Image, InlineHTML, InlineLabel, IntegerBox, Label, ListBox, LongBox, MediaBase, PasswordTextBox, PushButton, RadioButton, ResetButton, RichTextArea, SimpleCheckBox, SimpleRadioButton, SubmitButton, TextArea, TextBox, TextBoxBase, ToggleButton, ValueBox, ValueBoxBase, Video

public interface HasAllGestureHandlers extends HasGestureStartHandlers, HasGestureChangeHandlers, HasGestureEndHandlers
This is a convenience interface that includes all gesture handlers defined by the core GWT system.

WARNING, PLEASE READ: As this interface is intended for developers who wish to handle all gesture events in GWT, new gesture event handlers will be added to it. Therefore, updates can cause breaking API changes.