Interface HasAllKeyHandlers

All Superinterfaces:
HasHandlers, HasKeyDownHandlers, HasKeyPressHandlers, HasKeyUpHandlers
All Known Subinterfaces:
All Known Implementing Classes:
Anchor, Audio, Button, ButtonBase, Canvas, CheckBox, CustomButton, DoubleBox, FileUpload, FocusPanel, FocusWidget, IntegerBox, ListBox, LongBox, MediaBase, PasswordTextBox, PushButton, RadioButton, ResetButton, RichTextArea, SimpleCheckBox, SimpleRadioButton, SubmitButton, SuggestBox, TextArea, TextBox, TextBoxBase, ToggleButton, Tree, ValueBox, ValueBoxBase, Video

public interface HasAllKeyHandlers extends HasKeyUpHandlers, HasKeyDownHandlers, HasKeyPressHandlers
Convenience interface used to implement all key handlers at once.

WARNING, PLEASE READ: In the unlikely event that more key handler subtypes are added to GWT, this interface will be expanded, so only implement this interface if you wish to have your widget break if a new key event type is introduced.