Class Layout.Layer

Enclosing class:

public class Layout.Layer extends Object
This class is used to set the position and size of child elements.

Each child element has three values associated with each axis: {left, right, width} on the horizontal axis, and {top, bottom, height} on the vertical axis. Precisely two of three values may be set at a time, or the system will be over- or under-contrained. For this reason, the following methods are provided for setting these values:

By default, each layer is set to fill the entire parent (i.e., {left, top, right, bottom} = {0, 0, 0, 0}).

  • Field Details

    • container

      final Element container
    • child

      final Element child
    • userObject

      Object userObject
    • setLeft

      boolean setLeft
    • setRight

      boolean setRight
    • setTop

      boolean setTop
    • setBottom

      boolean setBottom
    • setWidth

      boolean setWidth
    • setHeight

      boolean setHeight
    • setTargetLeft

      boolean setTargetLeft
    • setTargetRight

      boolean setTargetRight
    • setTargetTop

      boolean setTargetTop
    • setTargetBottom

      boolean setTargetBottom
    • setTargetWidth

      boolean setTargetWidth
    • setTargetHeight

      boolean setTargetHeight
    • leftUnit

      Style.Unit leftUnit
    • topUnit

      Style.Unit topUnit
    • rightUnit

      Style.Unit rightUnit
    • bottomUnit

      Style.Unit bottomUnit
    • widthUnit

      Style.Unit widthUnit
    • heightUnit

      Style.Unit heightUnit
    • targetLeftUnit

      Style.Unit targetLeftUnit
    • targetTopUnit

      Style.Unit targetTopUnit
    • targetRightUnit

      Style.Unit targetRightUnit
    • targetBottomUnit

      Style.Unit targetBottomUnit
    • targetWidthUnit

      Style.Unit targetWidthUnit
    • targetHeightUnit

      Style.Unit targetHeightUnit
    • left

      double left
    • top

      double top
    • bottom

      double bottom
    • width

      double width
    • height

      double height
    • sourceLeft

      double sourceLeft
    • sourceTop

      double sourceTop
    • sourceRight

      double sourceRight
    • sourceBottom

      double sourceBottom
    • sourceWidth

      double sourceWidth
    • sourceHeight

      double sourceHeight
    • targetLeft

      double targetLeft
    • targetTop

      double targetTop
    • targetRight

      double targetRight
    • targetBottom

      double targetBottom
    • targetWidth

      double targetWidth
    • targetHeight

      double targetHeight
    • hPos

    • vPos

    • visible

      boolean visible
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • getContainerElement

      public Element getContainerElement()
      Gets the container element associated with this layer.

      This is the element that sits between the parent and child elements. It is normally necessary to operate on this element only when you need to modify CSS properties that are not directly modeled by the Layer class.

      the container element
    • getUserObject

      public Object getUserObject()
      Gets the user-data associated with this layer.
      the layer's user-data object
    • setBottomHeight

      public void setBottomHeight(double bottom, Style.Unit bottomUnit, double height, Style.Unit heightUnit)
      Sets the layer's bottom and height values.
      bottom -
      bottomUnit -
      height -
      heightUnit -
    • setChildHorizontalPosition

      public void setChildHorizontalPosition(Layout.Alignment position)
      Sets the child element's horizontal position within the layer.
      position -
    • setChildVerticalPosition

      public void setChildVerticalPosition(Layout.Alignment position)
      Sets the child element's vertical position within the layer.
      position -
    • setLeftRight

      public void setLeftRight(double left, Style.Unit leftUnit, double right, Style.Unit rightUnit)
      Sets the layer's left and right values.
      left -
      leftUnit -
      right -
      rightUnit -
    • setLeftWidth

      public void setLeftWidth(double left, Style.Unit leftUnit, double width, Style.Unit widthUnit)
      Sets the layer's left and width values.
      left -
      leftUnit -
      width -
      widthUnit -
    • setRightWidth

      public void setRightWidth(double right, Style.Unit rightUnit, double width, Style.Unit widthUnit)
      Sets the layer's right and width values.
      right -
      rightUnit -
      width -
      widthUnit -
    • setTopBottom

      public void setTopBottom(double top, Style.Unit topUnit, double bottom, Style.Unit bottomUnit)
      Sets the layer's top and bottom values.
      top -
      topUnit -
      bottom -
      bottomUnit -
    • setTopHeight

      public void setTopHeight(double top, Style.Unit topUnit, double height, Style.Unit heightUnit)
      Sets the layer's top and height values.
      top -
      topUnit -
      height -
      heightUnit -
    • setVisible

      public void setVisible(boolean visible)
      Sets the layer's visibility.
      visible -