Class NotificationMole

All Implemented Interfaces:
HasAttachHandlers, HasHandlers, EventListener, HasVisibility, IsRenderable, IsWidget

public class NotificationMole extends Composite
Simple widget for providing notification feedback.
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • NotificationMole

      public NotificationMole()
  • Method Details

    • hide

      public void hide()
      Hides the notification.
    • hideNow

      public void hideNow()
      Force mole to hide and discard outstanding show attempts.
    • setAnimationDuration

      public void setAnimationDuration(int duration)
      Sets the animation duration in milliseconds. The animation duration defaults to 0 if this method is never called.
      duration - the animation duration in milliseconds.
    • setMessage

      public void setMessage(String message)
      Sets the message text to be displayed.
      message - the text to be displayed.
    • show

      public void show()
      Display the notification with the existing message.
    • show

      public void show(String message)
      Set the message text and then display the notification.
    • showDelayed

      public void showDelayed(int delay)
      Display the notification, but after a delay.
      delay - delay in milliseconds.