Interface IsRenderable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractCellTable, AbstractCellTree, AbstractHasData, AbstractPager, CalendarView, CaptionPanel, CellBrowser, CellBrowser.BrowserCellList, CellList, CellTable, CellTree, Composite, DataGrid, DateBox, DatePicker, DatePickerComponent, DecoratedTabBar, DecoratedTabPanel, DefaultCalendarView, DefaultMonthSelector, DisclosurePanel, MonthSelector, NotificationMole, PageSizePager, RenderablePanel, ResizeComposite, SimplePager, StackLayoutPanel, SuggestBox, TabBar, TabLayoutPanel, TabPanel, ValueBoxEditorDecorator, ValueListBox, ValuePicker

public interface IsRenderable
An interface for UI elements that can be built by first generating a piece of HTML and afterwards wrapping a root widget. This interface is very experimental and in active development, so the exact API is likely to change. Very likely. In fact, it will definitely change. You've been warned.