Class DelegatingClickListenerCollection

All Implemented Interfaces:
ClickListener, Serializable, Cloneable, Iterable<ClickListener>, Collection<ClickListener>, EventListener, List<ClickListener>, RandomAccess

@Deprecated public class DelegatingClickListenerCollection extends ClickListenerCollection implements ClickListener
ClickListenerCollection used to correctly hook up listeners which need to listen to events from another source.

For example, Composite widgets often need to listen to events generated on their wrapped widget. Upon the firing of a wrapped widget's event, the composite widget must fire its own listeners with itself as the source of the event. To use a DelegatingClickListenerCollection, simply use the DelegatingClickListenerCollection instead of a ClickListenerCollection. For example, in SuggestBox, the following code is used to listen to click events on the SuggestBox's underlying widget.

  public void addClickListener(ClickListener listener) {
    if (clickListeners == null) {
      clickListeners = new DelegatingClickListenerCollection(this, box);
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      public void onClick(Widget sender)
      Description copied from interface: ClickListener
      Fired when the user clicks on a widget.
      Specified by:
      onClick in interface ClickListener
      sender - the widget sending the event.