Class DockPanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
HasAttachHandlers, HasHandlers, EventListener, HasAlignment, HasHorizontalAlignment, HasVerticalAlignment, HasVisibility, HasWidgets, HasWidgets.ForIsWidget, IndexedPanel, IndexedPanel.ForIsWidget, IsWidget, Iterable<Widget>

public class DockPanel extends CellPanel implements HasAlignment
A panel that lays its child widgets out "docked" at its outer edges, and allows its last widget to take up the remaining space in its center.

This widget has limitations in standards mode that did not exist in quirks mode. The child Widgets contained within a DockPanel cannot be sized using percentages. Setting a child widget's height to 100% will NOT cause the child to fill the available height.

If you need to work around these limitations, use DockLayoutPanel instead, but understand that it is not a drop in replacement for this class. It requires standards mode, and is most easily used under a RootLayoutPanel (as opposed to a RootPanel).

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