Welcome to the GWT Discussion Group!

The GWT (GWT) allows developers to use the Java programming language to build no-compromise AJAX applications. This is the official discussion forum for GWT.


GWT consists of a Java-to-JavaScript compiler, user interface API, and related tools. It allows developers to write and debug browser AJAX applications in the Java language using Java tools, and then compile and deploy those applications into pure JavaScript. If you use GWT or are interested in it, this group is for you!

GWT is open source, and is licensed according to the terms of the Apache 2.0 License.

Here are some important GWT resources:


This Discussion Group is intended for developers using GWT to build applications. Everyone is welcome to join in, provided you follow our community’s policies described below. Our users help each other, and there are many experts who post to this group, including some from Google.

No topic is off-limits, provided it relates to GWT in some way. However, since it is a very busy list, please check out the list of resources above before posting your question; you may find your question has already been answered.

Discussion Group Rules

We love simplicity and hate restrictions, so we also keep our policies simple and minimal. The rules below describe what’s expected of subscribers to this forum.

  • Please be Friendly

    Showing courtesy and respect to others is a vital part of the Google culture, and we expect everyone participating in the GWT community to join us in accepting nothing less. Being courteous does not mean we can’t constructively disagree with each other, but it does mean that we must be polite when we do so. There’s never a reason to be antagonistic or dismissive toward anyone; if you think there is, you should think again before you post.

    Sure, web development is serious business and all that, but it’s also a lot of fun. Let’s keep it that way. Let’s strive to be one of the friendliest communities in all of open source.

  • Allowed Discussion Topics

    Most topics are technical discussions of GWT or users helping each other, but this Group is intended for discussion of everything under the Sun in the world of GWT. That means we also welcome announcements and discussion of products, libraries, publications, and other interesting GWT-related news. We even welcome (polite!) discussion of articles and ideas critical of GWT – after all, we can’t improve if we don’t listen. There are no restrictions on the subject matter, and we don’t exclude commercial products from our discussion, if users are interested in talking about them.

    However, we hate spam almost as passionately as we love courtesy and respect, so we reserve the right to limit discussions that amount to spam. Outright spam, of course, will result in that user being immediately and permanently banned from the list.

  • Language Policy

    The primary language for this group is English, however if you have trouble communicating your ideas or the issues you’re facing in English, feel free to post in your native language. The members of this community come from all corners of the globe, so it’s very likely that a fellow member speaks your language and will be able to get back to you with some helpful information. That said, please do try to post in English first to get help. You can also include a translate version of the post content in your own native language if you feel that you weren’t able to communicate your problem in English. If that fails, feel free to post in your native language.

As you can see our rules are simple, and the most important rule is friendliness. Remember: disrespect and rudeness — under any circumstances – is not welcome in our community. We don’t have a formal policy on dealing with troublemakers, and we hope we never need to come up with one. That said, though, we do pledge to do our best to be fair, and we will always try to warn someone before banning him or her.

Contacting the Moderators

If you see anyone being rude, by all means call them out on it; this is your group too, and you don’t have to accept someone else being disrespectful just because it wasn’t directed at you. Just remember to be polite and courteous yourself! Don’t add fuel to the fire.

But, if you see an outrageous violation, want to report spam, feel very strongly about something, or even if you just want to chat, then by all means contact the Group’s owners. It’s what we’re here for!