If you’re like us, the first thing you want to do is see examples of what you can do with GWT.

  • Samples are included in the SDK for you to play around with and build off of. A few are below. Some are from the App Engine SDK that use GWT for their front end.
  • Real world projects let you see the real power of GWT, with complex applications that developers are building.

You can also find a wide variety of open source projects related to GWT hosted on Github.

Please note that the applications linked from this page are provided by third-parties and are not endorsed by Google.


A showcase of GWT features with accompanying source code and CSS styles.
GWT features used:
A replica of the UI of a desktop email application.
GWT features used:

The source for these examples as well as others can be found in your GWT distribution under the `samples/` directory. If you haven't downloaded GWT yet, you can download it here.

Real world projects

GWT is being used by tens of thousands of projects around the world. Take a look at just a few example of GWT in action:

Google Inbox
Google Inbox is a fresh start that goes beyond email to help you get back to what matters. Inbox is using a new approach to delivering multiplatform native applications using common code base. GWT is used to deliver the Web version.

Google is using GWT in number of other public services, including: Spreadsheets, Groups, AdWords, Webmaster Tools, Moderator, Blogger Admin, Wallet, WebFonts, Apps Script, Currents Producer, Flights, Fusion Tables, Hotel Finder.

ruxit is a cloud-based application performance management solution that offers unified monitoring of user experience, servers, applications, infrastructure and networks – all with simple auto-configuration. The entire product UI was built using GWT. Use the free trial to see it in action.
Cloudorado is a free cloud computing comparison tool, which makes cloud provider selection a quick and easy task. The interactive comparison is done fully client-side and it is written in GWT. No login required – just go and try it.
GAE Studio helps you optimize applications hosted on Google App Engine. GAE Studio allows datastore exploration, modification, deletion, import and export. Think of it as your swiss army knife for developing GAE applications!
BookedIN is an online appointment booking, scheduling and payment system for small business. Customers can book and pay for appointments online, and the business owner can automate their internal booking process, reducing their administrative workload. BookedIN uses GWTP.
Go Grid
GoGrid is a cloud computing infrastructure service provider which enables you to deploy and scale load-balanced cloud server networks via a unique multi-server control panel. Visit our Developer Spotlight to see Justin Kitagawa, senior product manager and lead developer on GoGrid, share how they used GWT to build GoGrid, what he likes and would like to see from GWT, and his tips and learnings from developing with GWT.
Scenechronize is a production management web application for film, television and commercials. Visit our Developer Spotlight to see Rob Powers, director of engineering, share how they used GWT to build scenechronize, what he likes and would like to see from GWT, and his tips and learnings from developing with GWT.
Built by Three Rings, Whirled is a social virtual world website which includes multi-player games. Visit our Developer Spotlight to see Michael Bayne, CTO of Three Rings and lead engineer on Whirled, share how they used GWT to build Whirled, what he likes and would like to see from GWT, and his tips and learnings from developing with GWT.