17 June 2015


  • 2.8 and follow-up
  • Issues list

2.8 and follow-up:

  • See meet-up vidoes for details.
  • GWT 2.8: 90% done. mainly waiting for Interop to finish
    • Christian: waiting for jsinterop bug fixes
    • GSS migration done for all of Google apps
      • Fixed a few small bugs
      • External folks can use a tool to convert CSS files to GSS: need to finish up this tool.
    • Java8 emulation patches - need to get these in
      • Bhaskar to ping reviewers to get these reviewed
  • Google internally will sync to 2.8 branch after 2.8 is released, which will be used by internal apps that are not moving to the new tool.
    • See Daniel?s presentation on ?Modernizing GWT Applications? for the migration story.
  • GWT 2.8 will be a long-lived maintenance branch
  • Master will be open for checkins, vetted by GWT Maintainers.
  • Christian to look into writing a blog post.

Issues List:

  • Issues moved to github. Downloads moved to Google Compute Engine.
    • Daniel plans to write a summary of what changed and send it to contrib.
  • Thomas: Life of an issue on github
    • No direct mapping for closed but not fixed.
    • Few other issues
    • Thomas: plan to write up a short policy for issues and circulate with SC.