10 May 2017

Present: Christian, Goktug, Julien, Justin, Leif, Thomas, Colin, Bhaskar

  • Removing Sencha affiliation for Justin, no replacement from Sencha being considered at this time
  • Christian has moved on from RedHat
    • nominated Max Barkley from RedHat to join the committee, agreed on by all present, Colin will reach out for the next meeting.
  • Julien: Elemental2 and generator
    • in the process of being open sourced
    • will be on the google github org
    • jsinterop base/annotations will be managed together, removed from gwt codebase
    • tentatively expected to be done by end of Q2
  • GWT 2.9 planning - topics will be followed up in gwt-contrib
  • Discussion around removing dev mode as part of 2.9
    • For:
      • while present, JsInterop cannot be used within gwt-user beyond jre emul
      • in addition to never supporting jsinterop, dev mode will also not support new jre emul (e.g. Objects.equals)
    • Against:
      • We presently don’t backport fixes - only latest GWT 2 will contain fixes, and removing dev mode may discourage projects from updating
      • Maintenance costs are fairly minimal
      • Forces substantal improvements to gwt-user to take place outside of the gwt repository, as we expect to be the default in gwt 3+
    • Discussion will continue