Steering Committee Meeting Notes


  • GWT 2.8
    • Daniel did some pre-testing & smoke tests.
    • Re-did initial tests, seems good.
    • Candidate RC1 going into smoke testing.
    • Plan to push it out to Maven soon.
    • Thomas ran against his local RC1, things look good.
    • Likely results available later this week, if everything looks good, we’ll publish RC1.
    • No known bugs
    • Colin: Will file bugs against documentation.
    • Need additional releases: Gin & Guava, before we make it final. Need to add this in RC1 release notes.
    • Plan to freeze master after RC1, til final.


  • Java8
    • Good progress in adding support.
    • Need more tests for Java8: Soliciting contributions from community.
  • GWT 2.8
    • Main criteria: Get new Guava working with GWT 2.8 before releasing 2.8.
  • Github issues
    • Being used regularly
    • Thomas is driving a plan to handle this better. Will wait for this to be finalized.
  • Refresh of beta
    • Check how much work is left to be done to get guava building before deciding on this.
    • If 2.8 RC1 doesn’t look imminent, put out a new beta.


GWT 2.8 Status:

  • JDT updated to Java8
  • Build server updated to Java8
  • Maintainers need to submit patches that were waiting for the above updates
  • Plan:
    • Get things checked in by next week, followed by verification.
    • Daniel will cut 2.8 RC1 likely toward end of Feb.
    • Testing: Please test JsInterop to flush out further bugs.


  • No quorum, we only have 4 people show up. May want to plan a follow-up meeting. Bhaskar will ask SC members if they want one.
  • GWT 2.8
    • Beta version is working for RH.
    • Working on fixing Interop bugs, should be getting close to the end
    • Memory problem with JDT, now down to 1.5x memory usage compared to earlier.
    • Plan to do RC1 once interop problems are fixed.


  • GWT 2.8
    • Plan to create an RC1 on Monday, Nov 2.
    • Daniel will cut RC1 and make it available for testing to volunteers.
    • Plan to have two weeks for testing, Daniel will put out a call for volunteers.
    • JDT has a bug with memory use & Java8, this would be a problem for large apps.
    • Direct the community to up-vote the bug.
    • Plan to have final release in early December.
  • GWT Q&A
    • Christian - Planning to host GWT Q&A
    • Looking for volunteers who can participate.
  • GWT course
    • ArcBees plans to have on-line courses for GWT.
  • GWT issues on github
    • how are issues assigned to maintainers? We have many issues that are not being looked at.
    • Thomas: plan to write up a proposal , discuss with Bhaskar


  • Dev mode discussion
    • Daniel is migrating test cases to compile-mode, no more need to support dev-mode within Google.
    • Since 2.8 is a compatible release, removing dev-mode will go against what we said earlier.
    • People using 2.7 are still using dev mode, super dev mode is just barely working.
    • Daniel: make compile-test default in 2.8,
      • Also let people know what limitations come with JsInterop and dev-mode.
    • Drop it in trunk after 2.8.
  • GWT 2.8:
    • Main missing feature is JsInterop
      • Expectation is that this will be complete by end of Sept.
    • Plan to release after JsInterop is done. Will accept Java8 patches from community, but those are not blockers for right now.
  • Update on new compiler prototype:
    • Still working through compilation of Java features.
    • Plan is to have it capable of building complete apps by the end of the year.



  • 2.8 and follow-up
  • Issues list

2.8 and follow-up:

  • See meet-up vidoes for details.
  • GWT 2.8: 90% done. mainly waiting for Interop to finish
    • Christian: waiting for jsinterop bug fixes
    • GSS migration done for all of Google apps
      • Fixed a few small bugs
      • External folks can use a tool to convert CSS files to GSS: need to finish up this tool.
    • Java8 emulation patches - need to get these in
      • Bhaskar to ping reviewers to get these reviewed
  • Google internally will sync to 2.8 branch after 2.8 is released, which will be used by internal apps that are not moving to the new tool.
    • See Daniel’s presentation on ‘Modernizing GWT Applications’ for the migration story.
  • GWT 2.8 will be a long-lived maintenance branch
  • Master will be open for checkins, vetted by GWT Maintainers.
  • Christian to look into writing a blog post.

Issues List:

  • Issues moved to github. Downloads moved to Google Compute Engine.
    • Daniel plans to write a summary of what changed and send it to contrib.
  • Thomas: Life of an issue on github
    • No direct mapping for closed but not fixed.
    • Few other issues
    • Thomas: plan to write up a short policy for issues and circulate with SC.


  • GWT 2.8 release
    • Manuel and Julien will do the release. Julien will be the point person.
    • Colin also volunteered to help
    • Features:
      • GSS as default, new migration guide
        • Compiler will error if CSS is used, need to use special flag for CSS
        • Next release beyond 2.8 will not support CSS
      • Java8 - full support for emulation is a question.
      • Interop v1 - Google GWT engineers are working on deciding what should be included in v1.
      • Unlikely to happen before April
  • Eclipse plug-ins for GWT
    • GPE is still not buildable externally
    • Plan is to super-cede GPE with GWT plug-in
    • Both plug-ins should work side-by-side
    • Why is GWT GPE plug-in different from other plug-ins? Should it be externally hosted similar to maven and gradle?
    • Decision on this deferred.